Monday, March 18, 2013

st. george swim day

we made a last minute trip down to st george this last weekend for matthew’s 10k race.  after calling every hotel, we finally found a cancellation, booked it, packed up and headed down.  the 4 hour drive was by far the longest the girls had been in the car and we were a little nervous about how they’d do.  an hour into our drive we were convinced the talking and singing would never stop.  they told stories and sung a mash up of every song they’d ever heard, and they got progressively louder as the miles went on.  somewhere mid song in the middle of nowhere, maddie finally went to sleep.  gracie fought it the whole way and stayed up practicing writing letters on the ipad and asking us questions about everything she saw.  we stopped in cedar city for lunch and managed to get them back in their carseats, but only after being bribed with swimming the second we got to the hotel.  they were in swimsuits within 2 minutes of being in the hotel.  it was a long, painful wait watching us blow up pool toys and change, but they finally made it out into the sunshine.  we took turns swimming with gracie, the other one watched maddie go from the pool to the spa and back again, yelling, "walk" at least a thousand times!  

while i'll do most of our picture taking, matthew has always been in charge of videos.  we have a whole lot of our hard drive filled with iphone video clips.  i can't believe how often we go back and watch them.  i love all our pictures of the girls, but there is something about actually watching them and capturing their movement and voices that is amazing!  matthew has been itching to make a video of the girls on our camera, something that will be better quality than our phones.  right before we finished up at the pool he started filming, and we are hooked.  so here is a rough cut of our first attempt...and some pictures...there are always pictures!

St. George Swim Day from Lindsey Pinegar on Vimeo.

//this little bum hangs out of every swimsuit//
//they could do this all day long//
//this mostly ended in belly flops...but she was so proud of herself!//
//there were people to charm at the pool, and she flashed one of these every time someone talked to her//


  1. Love everything about this post-the pictures, the suits, and especially the video!!! So fun!

  2. I am very very already enjoyed looking at your blog is full of life and joy and happiness investing in girls is outstanding! I just wanted to ask what software you use to edit the video?
    Thanks so much Mary

    1. Thank you so much! I just used iMovie when we edited it. It was shot with our Canon 7d.

  3. I just wanted to ask what program you use to edit the video?