Thursday, March 7, 2013

perfect day with peek kids

peek kids has always been one of our most favorite brands.  from their clever t shirts, to their darling dresses and the best jeans- it has been a staple in the girls wardrobes.  i love mixing and matching their pieces to make unique outfits for the girls, their clothes just seem to fit their personalities.  from their bright patterns and bold colors, they just seem like happy clothes.  matthew and i looked back through our iphoto library last night, we love looking at pictures of gracie at the same age as maddie is now.  i realized that maddie wore a little peek t shirt today handed down from gracie (it's funny how something like that can be so nostalgic).  it's a testament to peek's durability if gracie can wear something for months and it's still in good enough condition to pass down.

i was so excited when tana, from mom's best network, emailed me about a great night she's hosting with the fashion place peek store celebrating their perfect day art contest.  the idea is to have your child create a piece of artwork inspired by their perfect day.  you can submit their artwork in stores or online via through march 18th...for those of you close by, you can bring it to the fashion place peek store tonight from 6-8:30pm and enjoy treats, shopping and prizes.  we can't wait to go!

gracie got right to work on her painting...her perfect day consists of a trip to the park with our family and buzz complete with swings and a pink ice cream cone.  when i close my eyes and think of where gracie is the happiest, it's doing exactly that.  somewhere where she can run with wild abandon and get all her energy out.  maddie started a painting, but had the paint supplies taken away when she tried to eat it...we switched her to crayons and it seemed to work a little better.  we asked who wanted to go along with gracie on her perfect day, maddie raised her hand and squealed, "me!!! i want an ice cream!"...come to think of it, i think we all think that would be a perfect day!

and, just because we took a little stroll down memory lane...some of our most favorite moments have included peek, here are a few of them:)

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