Thursday, March 21, 2013

oh cozy knits with sweet little peanut

sweet little peanut was kind enough to have the girls over for a little shoot showcasing a darling hairbow line, oh cozy knits.  the girls had such a fun time playing with new friends (especially these cute girls), running in the hallways and stealing smarties.  I am always grateful for great photographers who can capture the girls in just a few short minutes.  I was so impressed with Jessi, she even broke out a little dance that had maddie giggling "again! again!" the whole time.  you can check out all the pictures from the shoot, plus the best little boy bow ties  over at sweet little peanut today!


  1. These photos are adorable, and I love the unique.

  2. Absolutely adorable! I love how Maddie's thong sandal is between her 2nd/3rd toe! LOL. Too cute!


    1. I was dying when I noticed that! I hadn't seen it during the shoot and she didn't seem to mind...but it makes me love that picture a little bit more. Thanks so much for reading:)