Friday, March 29, 2013

all things peter...

in preparation for easter, we've reading lots of peter rabbit.  i mean, he's a mischievous bunny who wears real clothes- we can all get on board with that.  i was a little hesitant about the book- beatrix potter's peter rabbit is a classic, and i wasn't sure how a new author would do taking over such a beloved character.  i was pleasantly surprised at how much we loved it.  emma thompson stuck close to peter's character, but still offered a new adventure.  and the drawings are frame worthy.  if it wouldn't break gracie's heart, i'd rip a few pages out to hang in their room.  we finished off our all things peter rabbit week with a fun little tea party complete with bunny and flower shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, carrots and humus, blueberries and other little snacks we're just sure a naughty bunny would love.

we were especially excited for our tea party after visiting with the bunnies at the vet's office when we picked buzz up from being groomed.  they were so cute and fluffy and so tempting to take home...because life is calm and not chaotic enough as is:)  the vet was so kind to gracie- she was devastated to leave buzz when we dropped him off.  after the tears started pouring the vet promised she'd take good care of him and show us around when we picked him up.  gracie ran out the door from preschool and asked if we could immediately pick up buzz.  she squealed and chased buzz around and maddie yelled for the bunnies to, "come here!  right now!!" as i hushed everyone and chased after little girls scrambling around after animals.  sometimes i wonder what people say after a particularly lively visit with us:)

you'll notice a bandaid on gracie's chin, and you can't quite see it in these pictures, but a nasty raspberry  on maddie's cheek and a swollen lip.  we had quite a few tumbles yesterday!
//some super easy easter table centerpieces...jars from ikea (these are my new favorite jars, and they're all between 2.99 and 4.99!), grass, jelly beans and a chocolate bunny that has been oh so tempting to eat.//
//capri came down for a cup of tea, and maddie even willingly shared her bunny marshmallows with her!//
//no tea party is complete without a round of cheers from daddy bear.  he doesn't see just what a perfect dad he is for little girls.//


  1. What a sweet little party-I love the cheers!

    1. The cheers were non stop and now happen at every meal!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Emily, you are so sweet! The girls can be little handfuls, but they are so fun! I'm loving your warm weather wishlist, those sandals are amazing! Thanks for reading:)