Monday, February 25, 2013

sunday walk...

what a weekend!  thursday night i had a sudden onset of pain that landed me in the hospital.  labs and an ultrasound and a big iv of morphine later showed a ruptured ovarian cyst, about the size of a plum, that left me on the mend for the rest of the weekend.  matthew and the girls were great nurses.  they brought me flowers, let me sleep in till 10am and cuddled while we watched monsters inc over and over and over.  by sunday afternoon the girls were feeling restless and i was ready to light our monsters dvd on fire.  we got dressed and ready (which made me feel a million times better, my mom was right when she said the best thing you can do is get up and get showered) and headed out for a walk.  we took the girls to a new playground we found up in provo…but sadly it was just a little too chilly and a little too snowy.  gracie has been begging to wear a new pair of flats and they weren't snow approved.  we still managed to collect rocks, take a tumble in the snow and release a little bit of energy.  

now…in the least cheesy way possible, i have to say that matthew has been pretty incredible.  it's weekends like this where i can so easily notice his quiet way of serving me.  there was never an eye roll or sigh (well, maybe just one) as he took over the house, the girls and taking care of me (he'd probably claim it was work watching the first season of downtown abbey…but i think he really like it).  maddie decided to forgo her usual easy bedtime routine for a long, drawn out three hour playtime…and he took it like a champ…along with the day to day mischief that the girls so often find.  while he did say tonight that he may need a vacation, he was kind and thoughtful through it all.  while we, as a couple, are definitely not perfect, it's (in a glass half full kind of perspective) good to go through things like this.  i have a new found sense of appreciation for him and feel pretty blessed.  

 ||refusing kisses from mom||
 ||we're constantly having to drag them away from fun...they must think we're so boring!||
 ||such a great view!||

and…for those who follow me on instagram- i was so grateful for all the sweet comments and get well wishes, from real friends and insta-friends alike.  while social media has it's positives and negatives, it's times like these i really love it and am grateful for the people i've come across through it!


  1. I hope your feeling a lot better. Sometimes the best thing is a walk in the fresh air.

    The girls looks adorable as usual.

  2. Glad to hear that you're feeling better! My sister-in-law just went thru that same thing-- not fun!! :`(