Tuesday, February 19, 2013

puppy love

 ||reading buzz puppy love...a story about two puppies who fall in love in new york city||

i spent nearly three hours at the physical therapist today…it seems that i've been doing a little too much heavy lifting and have completely locked up joints in my neck and ribs.  rest and avoiding lifting as much as possible will hopefully take care of it.  maddie is not on board with this…not even a little bit.  thank heavens for matthew who has helped out with the girls- including getting them dressed.  i only wish i would have snapped a picture of all their outfits the past few days.  the girls think he's the best.

we settled for a quiet afternoon reading on our family room floor…well not really quiet, but it was still pretty fun.  maddie is obsessed with her baby lit pride and prejudice book…gracie is too, but she only gets a chance to read it when maddie is napping (i can't wait to get a couple more of their books...and their prints are amazing too!.  i'd like to think that a love for jane austen is hereditary and they'll grow up loving her as much as i have.  and when gracie asks me things like, "who does mr. darcy love again?" i kind of feel like i'm doing something right.

you'll notice we have a little visitor staying with us.  the girls have been thrilled puppy sitting buzz (you can read about buzz here + here).  gracie is on top of taking care of him.  she puts his leash on and walks him around the house for at least three hours a day.  he sits on her lap, plays tug of war and has his hair brushed.  maddie yells, "lap, right now!  lap!" and buzz obliges.  i cannot figure out for the life of me why the dog is constantly hanging out right next to them, but it's a love love relationship…and i have one more wild toddler to wrangle.

here's to hoping the three of them will be up for movies and lounging all day today!


  1. Raising your daughters on Jane Austen is definitely doing something right! I'm buying the Little Miss Austen books for my niece right now, I've been trying to figure out what age is too young to buy her the abridged versions, but this is so much better.

    Thanks and hope you feel better.

  2. Love Gracie reading to Buzz-hope today is better!

  3. i love Jane Austen too! We already have the little miss Austen books ready for C...even though she is only 14 months...never too early right?? hope you are feeling better!

  4. They are so sweet. I need to get some of these books for my daughter!


  5. Lindsey- thanks for the cute book suggestions. We ran out and got Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice for Reagan and she loves them!! We are always looking for cute books for the kids, keep up all the great suggestions!