Wednesday, February 27, 2013

last snow day...

we keep telling ourselves that winter is coming to an end.  before we know it we'll be in shorts and flip flops and visiting the park and the pool.  we got a little bit of snow last night, and since we are just sure the snow is on its way out (if we keep talking about it, it will happen right?), we obliged the girls requests for one more snow day.  matthew's mom lives right up against the mountains in provo, so we headed up to her house where the snow is still deep and let the girls have at it.  

they were thrilled to run around and play…they're easily entertained and love getting excited, it's almost contagious.  gracie couldn't wait to make snow angels, and maddie still thought eating the snow was the most fun.  matthew had to show us how he used to jump down the hill growing up...he's still like a little boy.

i'm sure it a few months we'll be in the midst of summer heat and looking forward to some cooler weather…but right now, we're getting anxious to feel the sun.  we're checking the weather in the states matthew has been accepted to school…and while you can't beat how beautiful utah is in the winter, i'd be lying if i said we weren't a little tempted to jump ship.  whichever it is we decide, we thoroughly enjoyed out last day in the snow for the rest of the year…because we aren't going to have another winter storm or weather below 35 degrees for the rest of the winter.  fingers crossed.

||best cheese around||
||she was impressed with her snow angel!||
 ||cold baby means time to head home.  this hat may have to disappear in the 
middle of the night, once maddie finds it she wears it around all day||

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