Thursday, February 21, 2013

fun with sweet little peanut

we had such a great time last week with sweet little peanut!  this shoot couldn't have been more perfect for the girls- they quickly made little buddies with the other kids and spent the whole time running and jumping...i'm pretty sure gracie asked every kid there, "do you want to be my friend?".  the masks and tails were darling, and for our little animal lovers, they made for some fun pretend play.  i love when the girls get to work with a photographer who is able to capture their personality…there were no awkward poses or unrealistic requests- heather just took pictures of the girls being themselves.

i enjoyed our time just as much as the girls- megan and ginger were so sweet, and i loved getting to sit and chat with them while our kids ran around like wild animals!  thanks for thinking of us!


  1. these pictures are so sweet :) what kind of camera do you use?

  2. these girls are just so fun! i hope you'll check out my blog!