Friday, February 8, 2013


matthew’s last couple masters classes are wrapping up...he’ll be graduating in a few months!  he has applied to law schools all over the country and we are anxiously awaiting the results.  after taking huge credit loads and working insane hours during the summers, he has had his lightest schedule...ever.  he was home on a thursday afternoon...and we were all dressed and ready for the day (normally by 4pm the girls are either in their underwear or playing dress up) we all piled in the car to run errands. 

everyone was happy and talking and enjoying ourselves...we were all on the same page...and we have toddlers, that never happens!  we started talking with the girls about moving, like maybe if we talk and talk about it they’ll begin to understand.  we promised we’d all be going together- and maybe somewhere far away, but that it will be a great adventure with new places to explore; maybe where we can go swimming all year!  or maybe a big city, like new york!  and just like that, in one perfect moment, gracie said, “i will miss our house.  goodbye utah!” to which maddie echoed her goodbye.  they were set and ready for whatever would come our way.  we had to backtrack a bit, it would be a few more months before all our new begininnings would begin, but not all is lost, there are plenty of adventures to still be had here!

matthew has a firm rule, you can’t just talk about it, so before we knew it, we were at the lake.  matthew insisted on proving to gracie that the water freezes over, and somewhere in that discussion maddie heard frozen and started chanting, “frozen yogurt! frozen yogurt!” and i was insisting none of us were dressed to be out in the cold (do you see how quickly we can all get on a different page?!).  however, matthew is one to never pass up an opportunity, and the girls inherited that, so we settled for a quick fifteen minute adventure and off we went.  gracie swore she saw a fish jumping from the water and maddie promised she saw a dog swimming.  we ran around and slid on the snow and searched for a heart shaped rock.  we laughed and chased each other and had an adventure right there in the middle of a boring thursday afternoon.

if we were sitting face to face, i could maybe express to you how i felt right then.  how i felt just how brief this time is in our life, like it’s this tangible thing slipping right through our fingers.  these little girls with their bright eyes and need-to-know-every-detail personalities are growing up every minute and i want to soak it up and never let it’s that great.  my concerns for the post office drop-off time and groceries we needed faded away.  i thought about my day-to-day life and how i was so frustrated the day before, and for the life of me i couldn’t remember why.  and feeling like that just isn’t worth it, especially over stuff that has no place in the big picture.  i wished at that moment i could bottle up how i felt, so when i become grumpy and irritated or worried about things out of my control, i could open it up and remember to focus on what really matters.  and most importantly remember that the four of us are in this together, and that’s a pretty great feeling.


  1. Love this post-you two are great parents!

  2. wow beautiful...what lake is this??

    1. Hi Lizzie...we went to Utah Lake in Provo. It really is so amazing right now, the pictures don't do it justice! Thanks for reading:)

    2. soooo beautiful! my husband and i went on our honeymoon to park city...and i would love to go back again! a provo visit is a must. love your blog!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Emily, thanks for reading! It's my favorite way he carries her...and she loves it! Your little Hadley is a doll, I loved your post about her instagram outfits!