Thursday, February 28, 2013

a little catch up...

while i am feeling all back together, i still have not recovered from letting my email go for a week.  in order to help weed through my inbox, i figured i'd just do a quick post answering questions and comments about certain pieces the girls or i have worn.  i will usually go back and add in links to specific items when i get emails or comments asking (i've added in links here + here + here + here), but haven't gotten to these posts yet.  so to make it easier, here are some pictures and links.  thanks so much for reading and for your sweet comments and emails, i so appreciate it:)  

maddie's dress is from matilda jane.  it's possibly one of my all time favorite dresses of the girls.  it is sweet and vintage and so soft.  i'm hoping she'll still fit into it this spring.  their whole serendipity line was beautiful...gracie's vanilla dot top, seen here, is from that line as well.

my zoe karssan sweatshirt  is sold out...but you can find more of her stuff here or here.  i could live in it.

gracie's top is peek from nordstrom.  it's actually a dress from the infant section, but it fit perfectly as a tunic.  i bought gracie 18-24 months and maddie has it in 12-18 months.  her cardigan (perfect color, she wears it all the time), leggings (great length and so soft) and shoes (never fall off, and she can run in them) are all from, my current favorite for little girl clothes.  her bow is from lou and lee, i love her bows, she doesn't have a ton in her shop right now, but check back!

gracie's vest is from target, it's not online, but this one is similar.  gracie's gingham leggings (world's thickest, warmest leggings) and shoes (sold out in gray, but love the beige) and maddie's cardigan and gingham pants.

my pants are from madewell, currently in stores and on sale.  my favorite denim top...i have to stop myself from wearing it every day.  boots from zara, similar here and here.

gracie and maddie's striped leotards are from american apparel.  i also have leggings in the same print, seen here.

the girl's overalls can be found here...i love the adjustable straps, they'll fit into them forever.

maddie's yellow cardigan and leggings (sold out in the pastel aztec print, but love the other prints)

i had some questions on facebook about my leggings...i'm embarassed to admit they're from crewcuts, but my sisters in law found some great ones at h&m!

the girl's valentine's dresses were a great target find...$15 and perfect for the spring and summer.  

unfortunately, my sweater is from h&m forever ago...i just ordered this one from forever 21, i can't wait to wear it with denim/stripes/ pretty much everything.

and finally...some pictures from my iphone...

1//their favorite thing to do when we start talking lately.
2//maddie prefers gracie at night lately...but the cuddling turns to wrestling in about 10 seconds.
3//giggling through the grocery store with just a little alone time with gracie!
4//these two being little handfuls shopping for valentine's day.
5//in the foyer at church.  because i'm pretty sure they'll never learn how to whisper.
6//sweetest girl making a special card for her favorite preschool teacher.
7//maddie feeling no remorse for being taken out of church.
8//don't let this calm picture fool you...right after gracie tried to scale the shelves.

so, consider me officially caught up...except for my laundry, but i think that's just a lost cause!


  1. thank you for all the links! I love all your girls bows, and I am ALWAYS looking for new ones :) glad you are feeling better :)

  2. i'm so glad you got my email, i'm ordering that stuff for my daughter, i can't wait! thanks a ton, xo michelle

  3. You're awesome for sharing all this info :)