Friday, February 15, 2013

a day for love...

the last couple days sort of fell apart at our house.  a hurt shoulder for me and an unexpected call wednesday evening for an interview with a law school dean about admissions today, left us scrambling to keep up with everything else we had planned.  after a couple relatively calm weeks at our house, it seemed like we crammed enough in two days to fill up 3 weeks.  i'm so glad to be in bed just thinking about all we accomplished!  so here are 2 or 3 posts shoved into one. 

we were in heaven creating valentine's for gracie's school friends and teachers.  i braved the scrapbooking store with both girls (that may rank as my least favorite place to take the girls.  paper and treasures and trinkets to touch and collect, it's exhausting!) to pick out supplies.  gracie was way more hands on than i thought she'd be.  she had an opinion on just about everything.  we headed home and got to work.  she had to sign her name 15 times, which was a lot for one sitting!  she told me during one of her breaks, as she counted how many papers were left, "mom, i can't believe how many friends i have!  and they all love me!  and i really love them!"  this age has opened up a whole new mom experience for me.  i'm continually shocked at how amazingly clued in she is!  she reads situations and moods, and i swear, if she hears something once, it is burned into her memory.  as one who loves holidays, and celebrating just about anything, having her get so into all the details has been the greatest.  

||gracie's most favorite snack is goldfish crackers- we thought it was perfect to use them!||
||we took these to each of gracie's teachers- i loved finding a candy substitute!||

gracie's teacher had me bring sugar cookies to decorate during their class party. each child used an entire bottle of sprinkles on their cookies…and then ate it.  they were beyond pumped.  gracie's teacher couldn't be more perfect fit for a group of 3 and 4 year olds.  i always wonder how gracie interacts with other kids and her teachers when i'm not around.  i was not surprised to hear her teacher describe gracie as extremely animated and excited over just about anything.  matthew was beyond thrilled to hear that her teacher said she is tough- she holds her own, especially with all the little boys!

in the meantime, matthew was on campus meeting with the dean.  i am so proud of him and what he has been able to do the last few years.  between working for a crazy, intense 4 months during the summer and then taking on a huge load of masters classes, he has had his plate full.  i am so impressed with his commitment to each aspect of his life and am seriously jealous of his ability to excel.  we received his third acceptance to a law school, we're getting more and more anxious for the next year of our life!

the girls have been anxious for their valentine date, so we all met up at home and headed to the dinosaur museum.  nothing screams romance like digging in the sand for bones.  we've been talking about going forever (i think matthew was just as excited) and tonight was the best night to go, i think we only saw one other family there.  maddie only liked the baby dinosaurs, everything else was, "scary" or "spooooky" and she screamed at the t-rex to, "be nice, right now!!"  it didn't help that matthew told them that the t rex's favorite snack was little girls.  gracie is so into exploring and discovering new things.  we loved hearing her call a few dinosaurs "adorable".  she would have stayed and dug up an entire dinosaur, we only got them in the car with promises of an ice cream cone.  

we finished our night with dinner and then brought the girls home for baths and bedtime.  we joked that at some point we'll have a valentine's day with a relaxing, romantic dinner and time with just us…however, that's not our reality yet, for now valentine's day is a family affair.  but laying in bed and thinking back on our night, i'm not sure i'd pick anything other than dinosaurs and ice cream cones.

||a special thanks to grammie and poppa who sent a special valentine's package to us today...the girls are already attached to their stuffed animals!  we can't wait to play with their sticker books and wear their outfit!  and matthew and i are already looking forward to watching 007 this weekend...and thanks dad for my bracelet (you'll have to ask mom what she picked out this year;)||
||it took maddie a few moments to warm up to the shark||

we're off to spend the afternoon with some of our favorites, sweet little peanut...hope you all have a great weekend!   


  1. I know it's been a stressful few days-proud of you guys! Love that you spent your night as a family!

  2. those dresses and sweaters are so cute :) you have inspired me to match with my daughter :)

  3. Love your cardigan, where is it from?

    1. hi! thanks so much for your comment...unfortunately, my sweater is from h&m awhile back...but i added a link to a similar one i just found on my most recent post. thanks for reading:)