Tuesday, January 22, 2013

taking the monkeys out

our girls have been searching for any reason to get outside...today it was that their monkeys needed some fresh air.  we got all bundled up and made it outside for a solid fifteen minutes...which, in this weather, is pretty good!  it was long enough to jump around in the snow and take maddie for a ride in the baby wagon...then it was right inside for a bubble bath to warm up.

their monkeys were their favorite toys today; they had them wrapped up in blankets or sitting in their chairs eating a feast.  their favorite toy switches every day or two...yesterday it was a whole family of babies, with hair to do and clothes to change...the monkeys are a piece of cake!  gracie's monkey even has a case of the flu tonight and will be sleeping in our room so we can make sure he doesn't throw up (awful memories of our nasty bout of the flu).  we love their little imaginations and usually don't mind the extra work that comes along with our added pets.

||and i love that matthew doesn't mind carrying a wrapped up monkey 
in a basket around the neighborhood...he's a good one||

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