Wednesday, January 16, 2013

storytelling with gracie belle

one of the things i never want to forget about gracie belle at this age is her ability to storytell.  between her expressions and her clever imagination we are entertained daily.  we decided to have gracie talk to us about her pretend fly, francie, who is known for getting into trouble and causing mischief.  i snapped pictures while she chatted- because the story is one thing, but capturing the picture with it makes it perfect.  we'll be able to relive this moment forever. 

(how did you meet francie?)

at target, in portland, there was a mean fly and a nice fly on the table.  and when we went to the car the nice fly followed me.  

(how did the fly get home with us?)   
she flew next to the window!  she flies super fast like rocket!
(i've tried to lose francie a couple times- she can keep up no matter how fast i drive.)

(where is francie right now?)
right here on my finger.

(what happened when francie went down the drain in the bathtub?)
francie was in the bath and when the plug came up she went down the drain.  we got the fishing pole to get her out.  i yelled, “francie!  come here!”
(we really did have to get a fishing pole to get her out.  this fly is a lot of work.)

(what color hair does francie have?)
blue…i mean green.  probably pink.  with a blue dress.  or, ummmm, probably green.

(what does francie like to eat?)
oreo cake, even for breakfast.  and strawberries, but if she eats too many she gets a tummy ache.

(what does francie like to play with?)
francie sometimes needs scissors, but she’s too little so i probably need to help her with them.

(does mom let you play with scissors?)

(so then francie isn’t allowed to either, got it?)
got it.

(what happens at bedtime?)
francie’s mom always lets her watch one more show.  so can i watch one too?

(what’s francie like at preschool?)
she runs around and is wild.

(what does francie do that’s naughty?)
sometimes when we’re in the car she forgets to come and daddy bear has to go get her in the house.
(daddy bear is good and almost always goes back in for her.)


  1. I totally can hear her saying all this by these pictures-love her imagination!

  2. Oh my gosh. That's so sweet. I love her imagination! My daughter would just love playing with your girls.

  3. hello! your family is adorable! I absolutely adore your girls outfits. I am a momma to 3 girls, it so fun. Can you tell me where this sweater, leggings and top is from? I LOVE IT!

    1. hi sarah, i added the links to gracie's outfit here on my most recent post. thanks so much for reading!!:)