Monday, January 21, 2013

movie night

we have a usual weekend routine- friday nights we take the girls out on a date and saturday nights are, as gracie calls them, “honey dates”; a night for matthew and i.  but when our favorite babysitter/auntie had a soccer tournament in las vegas we were left with two date nights with the girls.  after taking the girls out on friday we decided we’d have a movie night in…which quickly turned into a movie party, because gracie loves anything that we can turn into a party, and when gracie gets excited, maddie gets excited and it snowballs into a party...every time.  it was pizza for dinner then baths and pajamas.  matthew was sent to the grocery store for treats (i love seeing what he picks out...the pop rocks were a huge hit), gracie and maddie picked the movie (tinkerbell, we’re on a fairy kick) and i was in charge of putting it all together.  

i threw together a little treat sign (because it’s not a party if there isn’t at least one decoration) and set up their table.  we used their bean bags and blankets and set up a viewing area on the family room floor. 

while everyone enjoyed our night, it didn’t come without some inner debate.  i’m behind on laundry (story of my life) and our office is a mess from crafting for church callings.  in a moment where it was easier to just throw on a movie for the girls and get to my chores, i had to stop myself…there is a limited amount of life where we have little girls who get overly excited about activities and parties and all things fun.  i have to weigh my options, and sometimes laundry will take a backseat to creating a night for our family.  if i pass on these opportunities every time i have an unchecked to do list, when will i ever get around to doing them?  that night was rewarding (and so much better than cleaning)…i will never forget gracie saying, “i love your sign mom, it’s brilliant!” or seeing maddie snuggled up to matthew feeding him her treats. 

it’s a constant struggle for balance in my life…and it goes both ways.  i thought about pushing our movie night off a half hour longer so i could print tickets or make personalized treat bags, or run to the store to get cute bottled drinks, and oh, i wanted a tablecloth…but i had to stop myself and live in that moment.  for every moment that can be passed up because of tasks, there are moments i pass up because i’m just sure somewhere down the road i’ll have a little more time, or patience, to do it great.  i’d like to think i’m on my way to having this all figured out, but i wouldn’t be terribly surprised to see myself still sorting it all out in twenty years…but it doesn’t seem to bad if along the way we have many more moments like this.



  1. I am in the same boat as you. If I just turn it on, I can get this done. If I wait a little longer to start it, it could have this or that. As moms we have that constant struggle. It is no different than a working mom. Making decision, timing, budgeting and doing the basic chore list of "work" for the day. Except when you stay home you have your littles to watch and "work" for as well.
    Thank you for this idea. It is super cute.

  2. you are such a great mama!!! oh my gosh. i hope that when i have children, i can be a mother to them the way you are to your girls!!!

    I don't know if this is weird... but are you in the provo area? if you are and if you ever need a babysitter, my husband and i would love to watch your girls for no charge!! we both attend BYU, and i have babysat for over 10 years. before we start our family, i'd really like to babysit for some families first before we jump into the crazy (but amazing) life! ha ha.