Friday, January 18, 2013

morning yoga

it has just been too cold to go out and we are all getting a little stir crazy.  the girls are known for their insane amounts of energy, even more so that it’s endless.  i decided yoga might help wear us out and have a calming influence (i was really hopeful).  we have been doing a couple kids yoga videos, they are tailored to the girl’s interests (lots of animal poses) and the poses are simple enough for gracie to catch on quickly…i have to help maddie out a little bit- she’s pretty sure she’s working hard though, she takes frequent rests and drink breaks while sighing loudly.   i was hoping the meditation part at the end of our video would bring a calming energy into our house…and then they giggled the whole way through until gracie requested we “skip the namaste part and jump around instead".

||being frogs||
||flapping their bird wings||
||picnic table||
||flamingo, while maddie takes a break||
||teaching maddie the flamingo||
||attempting meditation||
||followed by wild giggling||

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  1. so darling!! I love all the sneak peeks I get of your home... I need to see the whole thing in person! I love your decorating style :)