Wednesday, January 9, 2013

missing the sun

every time we're in california gracie drools over my dad's waverunners.  she goes down to his 
warehouse to sit on them and talk about the dolphins poppa sees when he's out on the ocean.  we used one of our last vacation days to take the girls out to dana point to putt around the marina.  my dad has mini dora lifejackets- they warranted a solid few minutes of squealing and jumping.  we sadly didn't see any dolphins, but i caught a sea lion coming up for a breath and managed to get a quick shot to show the girls that he was waving hello.  

while the big kids went out to go wild, we let the girls and baby oliver play on the beach.  gracie practiced writing her letters in the sand with her collection of sticks (we don't go anywhere without collecting something) and maddie went crazy in the we're still finding it 4 days and 10 baths later.  gracie "accidentally" fell in the ocean, which i totally anticipated and had a change of's not very often i'm a few steps ahead of them, it was a happy moment.  

we've already promised the girls a trip to california this summer when it's warm enough to go for a swim and search for dolphins.  thanks poppa for a great day!

 ||we have to take turns holding oliver...maddie is still not a fan of mom or dad with a baby||

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