Friday, January 25, 2013

maddie moo

this girl comes alive at night.  at least a few times a week gracie tuckers out early (usually on her school days) and maddie hits the bedtime jackpot and stays up after gracie is asleep.  sometimes it’s a short 5 minutes…other times, she gives it her best effort and makes it up an extra hour…or two.

having only maddie awake brings us back to the days of having just one baby.  we try to remember what we did with only gracie…i think we both attacked her with attention.  we like to take our few moments at night to enjoy maddie and her ever-blossoming personality.

the first nurse to hold maddie after she was born said that she was going to be a little firecracker.  i don’t know how she knew, but she hit the nail on the head.  oh, she is our little light and the three of us can’t get enough of her.  maddie is the best giggler and a master teaser.  she is sneaky and clever; we have had our share of messes made and we’ve learned not to turn our back on her.  she’s a charmer in the worst way and knows how to use it to get what she wants.  her ever-growing vocabulary and her cheesy grins are her miracle workers…she doesn’t want for anything.

moo, as she is affectionately called, is the best snuggler around.  there isn’t a time of day i can’t get her to curl up in my lap.  she’s the ultimate chicken, she is scared of just about everything.  we go on at least 4 monster hunts a day, she is convinced one is hiding out in our house somewhere.  singing is her new pastime.  it doesn’t get cuter than hearing her sing twinkle twinkle little star or i love you.  it’s the best.

maddie is an avid animal lover- her current animal of choice is an alligator.  i get chased by her alligator all day, and matthew and her have been forbidden from watching any more gator boys.  gracie and maddie pretend to be puppies and crawl around the house…i’m not exempt from this game, but somehow matthew is never demanded he play.   Gracie and her continue to be best buddies and play non stop.  They're are almost always together and already know to blame the other one for any mischief caused.

i don’t know what to say other than this little girl and all of her spunky ways have stolen our hearts.  her joy is infectious.  we are so blessed she’s ours.

||her alligator is pretty legit...and scary||

||peek-a-boo never gets old...ever||

 ||making a break for it...she doesn't have to go 
to bed if i can't catch her||
||"maddie's asleep, go away"...i didn't fall for it||
||not super happy about bedtime||


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  2. Please share where you got the adorable leggings