Tuesday, January 8, 2013

home again, home again

we are home...and it is cold.  i'm unpacking suitcases in warm bulky sweats, trying not to think about sitting out in the backyard basking in the sunshine just a few hours ago.  now it's back to unpacking and laundry and to do lists.  we are already missing our family and the breather from school matthew's intense school schedule.  this was the longest break he's had since we got married.  we monopolized his time and soaked it up as much as possible (he may have felt that one of us was constantly within six inches of him).  the girls always enjoy grammie and poppa- especially things like morning cuddles in their bed, extra treats and more treasures than they could dream of...and as gracie pointed out tonight, grammie and poppa don't mind when gracie and maddie sneak out of their rooms at bedtime, they love it and we send them back to bed!  there was never a shortage of attention or fun or love...we are counting down the days till we get to visit again!

here are just a few (or a lot) of the pictures from my phone of the rest of our trip...it's kind of hard to tell, but we pretty much loved every minute of it:)

after protesting our return to germy utah where everyone is sick, karma bit back and the girls caught an awful cold...in california.  we are bundling up and staying indoors until it reaches at least thirty degrees!


  1. i love the one of gracie's hand in suz's eye. so cute. sorry we missed you! let me know next time you're in town... i'd love to see you! maybe game night with the whole fam? :)