Friday, January 4, 2013


gracie's favorite movie when she was younger was "harry and the henderson's", the 1987 movie about bigfoot.  we tried all other options out there, but harry was the only one she wanted.  we even threw a back yard drive in movie for her second birthday party and played it on the big screen.  Maddie sat through the movie countless times, it's only fair that now we've switched to her favorite.

in comes "the gruffalo"...a miracle in form of a movie.  it's the sweetest story of a clever little mouse who tricks all the animals in the forest with a tale of a gruffalo (a big foot look alike, just more kid friendly, less scary).  i won't give away the ending...i'll only admit that matthew and i don't complain when we're asked to snuggle and watch it.  it's based on a book by julia donaldson.  she has since written a follow up book, which has also been made into a movie, "gruffalo's child"...this movie is even sweeter, and our girls current favorite.   the little mouse has a large imagination, something we're accustom to in our house.  we're not huge tv watchers, i love that the movie is about a half hour.  long enough for a little break from playing or for me to fix dinner (we're all about easy meals:) or like last night, a quick show before bedtime.  the hand holding (per gracie's insistence), scared "oh no's!", little grins and maddie's way of saying "gruffalo" (maybe my favorite thing) make it hard to resist...and i'm a total sucker for seeing them clean, calm and cuddling.

you can check out more about the gruffalo here and take a peek at the movie.  the animation is beautiful and the story even better!


  1. Hi Lindsey, I found your blog through Emily Jackson's Instagram, oddly enough. I loved your little blog so much that I read as far as Halloween :) You're a great writer and your pictures of your cute little family are amazing.

    1. hi kate, thank you so much! instagram is my guilty pleasure...i love taking a peek at everyone's lives, with a filter thrown on top. hope you have a great week:)

  2. So because of this post I went and got my littles the Gruffalo's Child film. They LOVE it and it is so adorable. Thanks for the idea!