Monday, January 28, 2013

good morning sun

oh, saturday mornings are the best.  i am not an early riser…only when it’s necessary, and i almost never love it.  i believe mornings should be time for cuddling in bed, watching the news and waking up slowly…as slowly as possible with our two wild girls.

when they wander into our bedroom, they are sleepy and calm, dragging blankets and at least four stuffed animals apiece.  they climb into our bed and wiggle and push until they’re in just the right spot…mom has to adjust one arm under gracie’s neck and one arm to hold maddie’s hand.  daddy’s legs are used for warming toes and then we’re all settled.  that quiet, peaceful moment only lasts a couple minutes.  someone needs to open the shutters (maddie) and someone wants a show turned on (kipper or curious george) or a book read.  then, daddy is awake.  and our daily calm is gone.  before i know it, there is jumping and flying girls and wrestling all over the bed.  morning is here, and there is playtime to be had.  good morning sun, we are awake!

||i hope i never see you stop holding hands like this, sweet girls||
 ||you can never squeeze your favorite monkey too tight.||
 ||every stuffed animal has to be part of a family...and the mom always give kisses||
||making sure mom is completely awake||
 ||gracie loves to read to maddie, she even pauses to let maddie shake her finger and say,
"no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"||
 ||reading this book only leads to one thing...|
 ||i love these last two pictures.  i hope they know just how much they can accomplish each day||


  1. You always have the most stunning pictures! I just adore your little family! So beautiful!

  2. they are such cute girls! what a fun post!