Monday, January 14, 2013

first day of preschool

we caught the flu bug at our house this weekend.  i thought i’d go back to a time when the weather was warm and we were doing exciting things, but i was failing at blogging.

gracie’s first day of preschool was a big event we had been looking forward to since we registered her in february.  we both had butterflies for her first day.  she snuggled maddie extra long that morning and gave me a checklist of things to do for her once she was at school.  i’m fairly certain that she questions my parenting skills.

i drove her to school, promising the whole way that i’d stay if she needed me to, or if she became sad or nervous her teacher could call me and i’d be there in a couple minutes.  but this big girl surprised me.  she walked right in with her best friend (and cousin) owen (or o-man, as she calls him) and sat right down at her desk.  i nervously chatted while watching gracie interact with the other kids.  there wasn’t an ounce of hesitation…no looks up to see where i was.  maybe it was the glittered nailpolish she insisted would make her brave.

i said a quick goodbye to my baby; i tried to give her another kiss but missed her face as she scurried off to line up.  i stood outside the class watching for any sign of needing me…and as hard as it was for me to see, she didn’t need me.

i walked out to my car, both proud and a little heartbroken.  i cried the whole way home after calling matthew, who was still in portland working.  it was a big milestone in her life and she nailed it.

maddie and i promptly went home and opened a box of fudgesicles.  she was sad about gracie being gone, but the chocolate made up for it a little bit.  especially since i didn’t think twice about giving her a second one when she asked.

it’s been the same since her first day…lots of excitement and running off before i even get a kiss.  

||maddie wasn't sure what was going on, but she's always up for pictures||

||gracie belle and her best buddy, o-man||

||she had no complaints about her first day home alone with mom!||


  1. How sweet! You can feel the love between them in all these pictures. Do you mind telling where you got those dresses? They are seriously too cute. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your comment! The dresses are from Peek Clothing, one of my favorite brands; they are great quality and wash up so well. It's at Nordstrom or you can find other similar dresses at Thanks for reading!:)

  2. Your girls are sooooooooooooooo dang cute!!!!! I want to come babysit them!!!

  3. I think O’man made her feel comfortable on her first day in school! It’s nice that she found a buddy on her first day! But I’m sure Gracie is brave enough to face school, even if she was alone. Anyway, they all look so cute, especially Maddie with her messy face. :)

    >Kylee Barrow