Thursday, January 3, 2013

ferries and ferris wheels

we have been seeing a whole lot of instagrams from utah- either piles and piles of snow or sick families.  we decided to extend our trip a few days and avoid the cold and germs.  to celebrate our non-snowy day we took the girls down to balboa island to ride the ferry and ferris wheel.  i am the only one of us four with a (according to matthew, irrational) fear of heights.  so the three of them enjoyed their ride while i waved each time they passed me by.  i loved hearing gracie yell, "weeee!" as they came around.  matthew gets just as excited...he's a good dad.

we rode the ferry three separate times.  the attendant didn't quite understand.  maddie shouted she spotted whales every ten seconds and gracie got frustrated that she missed them...i think maddie likes pushing her buttons.

"hi whale!"//missed it again

 i see this pose at least 5 times a day...the, "listen, i'm going to tell you exactly what i want"'s followed by the, "not taking no for an answer" pose.

saying goodbye from the car on the ferry

we couldn't leave without corn dogs and frozen bananas...and taking the car over on the ferry (which may have been more at my insistence than the girls).  i  couldn't get enough of our day and watching our happy girls.


  1. Glad to know there is someone else out there that won't ride the ferris wheel and who's husband will do it with the kids! :)

  2. What a great moment to reminisce someday. Family time is the best.:)


  3. Just found your blog through Small Fry and I LOVE your style! I have to ask where you got your sweater from?? I love it!

  4. That is so sweet Jess, thank you:) The sweater is from Madewell, it's really soft and I love that I can layer it.
    I just checked and I didn't see it online, I bought it in the store. They have a cardigan polka dot sweater and a pullover with hearts...both are pretty cute!:)