Thursday, January 31, 2013

dinner fail.

we had a great dinner planned from pinterest, homemade balsamic glaze, the whole nine yards.  i kind of thought we were going to knock it out of the park.  i was just wrong. 

one of us usually takes over in the kitchen while the other does the small chores, but mostly manages the girls.  feeding time at our house is usually a good type of chaos.  however, maddie is recovering from rsv and has put us on a rollercoaster of emotions.  she’s happy, she’s angry, she wants a snack…all the time.  and poor gracie has taken getting her hair pulled a dozen times a day like a champ.  

it was touch and go getting dinner prepared.  gracie set the table like a pro…maddie tried to push a plate off the table.  maddie wanted the baby stroller, gracie had a specific plan in mind for it, and it did not involve maddie having her hands on it.  even the girl’s babies were being difficult.  one wouldn’t stop crying and the other was constantly hungry.  then, cookie monster stole the baby food and there was nearly a riot.

we finally all sat down and cut into the chicken.  it wasn’t cooked all the way.  we tried the vegetables…i over seasoned them with paprika and crushed red peppers.  they blistered our tongues.  we watched each other take bites and gulp water.  i remembered i forgot to start the rice.  we substituted with the previous nights leftovers, but with every bite maddie reminded us she’d rather have mac and cheese.  gracie solemnly promised through the whole meal that she would take only four more bites, that was it and then she was done, all in a very dramatic fashion.  i’m not sure how many times she ate four bites. 

i had a fun little dessert planned.  but at some point, between muttering something about, “you three girls”, matthew suggested we go out for frozen yogurt.  so we bailed on the dishes and got in the car for a frozen yogurt rescue.  and it kind of made it all better.  

 ||tongue out in concentration.  she's pretty great.||
 ||world's spiciest carrots and zucchini.  such a fail.||
||right before her attempt to throw it off the table||
 ||force feeding cookie monster vegetables||
 ||sometimes he seems overwhelmed.  maybe in good way?||
||only four more bites, okay?!||

||post frozen yogurt piggy back ride||

||trying to keep her magnets safe from maddie, who wanted to eat them||

||taking gallihan, gracie's beloved horse for a spin||

||gallihan isn't great with partner rides||

 ||this face was an indication of how bedtime would go||

we recorded a vine of some of our chaos...check it out, username lindseypinegar

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  1. love the first photo especially the pouty one, so cute.