Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Santa's In Town

Matthew and I have always been fans of Christmas, when we added our girls it got 
that much better...but this is the first year Gracie seems to really understand the 
whole concept, making it our most memorable yet. 

After listening, exclusively I might add, to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" 
(over and over) we figured we'd brave the cold and celebrate December's first 
family night visiting Santa...who just happened to be in town.  

A nervous Gracie climbed on Santa's lap and told him exactly what she was hoping for...a flute, and please one for Moo too.  Maddie sat on Santa's lap for 3.5 seconds.  I have a picture, but it is so horrifying seeing the poor baby terrified I couldn't post it.  Let's just say she wasn't impressed!  

We took a ride on the horse drawn carriage, which was bound to be a hit since there was a horse involved...and jingle bells...Maddie was at least really impressed with the jingle bells. 

Matthew and Gracie's faces as soon as the horses rounded the corner.  
I'm calling a dead tie between who is more excited.

Maddie's rendition of "Jingle Bells" is my most favorite of all time...
even if she does just say "jingle bells, jingle bells" over and over.

A kismet visit to the toy store just may have checked off the requested toys, making Santa's shopping much less stressful...I'm still recovering from last year's debacle with the toy trumpet Gracie insisted
Santa was bringin...it luckily ended with a Christmas Eve miracle. 
Let's hope a flute and trumpet complete her needed band instruments.

Discovering that eskimo kisses are the best way to warm up cold noses.

We are listening to Christmas music round the clock, crafting decorations 
and looking forward to a Christmas in sunny California.  
The only thing better than that is experiencing it with two little, very excited girls.


  1. Great family night! Dad and I agree that it's hard to tell who is more excited about the carriage ride-Matthew or Gracie!

  2. Such great pictures!! The outfits are perfect as always!