Friday, December 7, 2012

Festive Crafting

Gracie and Maddie love crafting.  They find ways to craft all day long.  In fact, just today Maddie took a tube of toothpaste and created a mural on our bedroom wall for me.  Painting, coloring and anything with glitter or glue are a big hit for them.  I decided to put their talent to good use and 
had a little crafting afternoon party.

I found the cutest mason jar snow globes on the Anthropologie website, I thought they'd be perfect as a centerpiece on our kitchen table.  I was thrilled when I found DIY versions on Pinterest.  The girls and I gathered supplies and got to work.

I found perfect little trees (I trimmed them down a bit to fit my different size mason jars) at Walmart and loved that most were seventy-five cents.  I did some research on waterproof glue, 
reviews said E-6000 was the best (it smells like toxic cement, Gracie thought it smelled good) 
and so far it has held up great. I needed about a quarter of the cello glitter I bought...
we ended up liking the look of fine glitter with only a few of the cello flakes.  
Maddie is an avid horse lover and we have lots or small horse figurines.  I borrowed a few from her.

 The girls got crafting...Gracie helped pick out which trees and animals went together and then loved putting the cello glitter in each jar...and then she dumped it out and started again until the flakes were just about everyone in our kitchen.  Maddie fed goldfish crackers to the animals and cried when we put them into the jar.  Once we showed her how to shake the jars she got back on board.

I took over when the gluing and water part came in...these girls found a box to eat lunch in (after dumping and destroying all the packing peanuts that were in it) and sat giggling about making snow all over the family room.

You can find the DIY snow globe pin on my Pinterest page here...
it was a great craft for toddlers and I've loved having something they can play with on the 
table while waiting for hot food to cool down.  I think they'd make darling Christmas gifts for the girl's neighborhood friends or party favors.

A few more of our Holiday crafts so far...

We turned our regular old stag into Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer...
Gracie is going to be sad to see his "necklaces" go after Christmas.

I wanted to make a garland for our Christmas tree this year.  I can't get enough of felt balls and love the look of sewn paper garlands.  I decided to combine the two and am so happy with the outcome.  It was pretty time consuming, but added the pop of color I hoped for.

My Pinterest page is filled with enough Christmas crafts to fill the next few weeks, we can't wait to get started...once I finally vacuum up all the fake snow still scattered around the house:)

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  1. I love everything you've done!!! We want to come do crafts with you :)