Thursday, December 20, 2012

American Girls

My parents have a tradition for all the girl grandkids in our family.  They take each girl to the American Girl store to pick out a baby for Christmas or their birthday around 2 years old.  When they're 5 they go again and pick out a real doll with hair (and according to Gracie, there is something VERY special about those dolls).  When Gracie was 18 months old we were living in New York City for Matthew's tax accounting internship.  My Mom flew back to visit us and we took her in to get her doll...and I'll never forget that day, when we walked onto the baby floor her face lit up like I've never seen before.

Waving to Santa in his house with Poppa.

Running as fast as they could to the American Girl Store!

My Dad took the day off work and we headed up to The Grove in LA.  Gracie couldn't wait to show Maddie the Bitty Baby floor...and it didn't disappoint.  Maddie went from baby to baby until we had picked just the right one...brown hair and blue eyes, must be a familiarity thing.

She carried the box around, periodically setting it down to peek through the clear plastic to make sure everything was going well inside.  Matthew, proving that he is a perfect Dad for little girls, even figured out how to get the front carrier on her and she walked around with a baby holding her hand over her head every time Matthew said, "hands free!"

In the midst of Maddie's frenzied baby hunt, Gracie stumbled upon the Bitty Baby Twins display.  "Can you believe it?!  It's a girl baby AND a boy baby!" was heard in the surrounding three blocks.  She pushed babies in their stroller, took them in a wagon, potty trained them, put them to bed and fed them a snack.  I was actually impressed with her ability to juggle both of them at the same time.  I have a friend who is due at any moment with twin girls- Gracie graciously offered to go to Carly's to teach her how to take care of two babies at once.  Her mind was made up, life just wouldn't be the same without them.  Grammie and Poppa are going to be the hit of Christmas morning when she opens them up!

We finished up and ate lunch at the Farmer's Market and sent the boys and Maddie home while Gracie, my Mom and sister, Whitney stayed to do some Christmas shopping.

 With my handsome baby Oliver...I'm pretty sure he's thinking I'm his favorite Auntie.

 Waving to Santa and his reindeer...the decorations are incredible at The Grove!

Making wishes in the fountain with Poppa.

I can't wait for the girls to open up their presents Christmas morning...if Matthew weren't here we'd have all of them opened already!

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