Friday, December 14, 2012

A Little Catch-Up

Oh, it seems like November passed by us so quickly.  It feels like a week ago we were celebrating Halloween, and now we're just a blink of an eye away from Christmas.  

So in an attempt to empty my camera contents I have a few collages...a peek into the madness that was my entire family gathering together for ten straight days.  We fit in a baby blessing, Thanksgiving, a family wedding, a trampoline place (twice), shopping, family pictures, nightly board gaming lasting later than 1am and lots and lots of eating.  

There are 9 grandkids on my side (5 are 3 and under) and the chaos is unrivaled when we are all together...a loud, wild, fun, but good kind of chaos.

Family pictures...pretty impressive that there was only one minor argument between grandchildren.  Gracie may have thrown the first punch.  We celebrated all 9 kids looking in one picture with dinner, family home evening and a "Gruffalo" movie night.  The Pinegar's were in charge of a song at family night...Gracie and Maddie chose "Once There Was a Snowman" and performed it well.

Matthew has talked non-stop about Hang Time since going.  It is a giant warehouse with trampolines and foam pits and dodgeball and basketball courts.  The whole family had a much that we went back a few nights later.  Matthew was impressed with my front flip and I've never seen the girls more exhausted.

Those that know my Mom can attest to her status as the party queen.  My Dad and Mom drove up from California and packed the car up with dishes and Thanksgiving treasures.  The kids table was set with snack cups, coloring pages, stickers and a little individual love note from Grammie.  It kept them occupied and happy long enough for most adult's to finish their dinner.  I love the set of silverware my Mom brought up...I've thought about taking a few pieces each time I'm home:)

At my cousin's wedding, we learned that our girls got their dance moves from my parents.  Maddie decided Matthew and I were not as cool as Grammie and began her week long avoidance of us.  I still think she would have happily gotten in the car with them to move to California.

It was a whirlwind, exhausting 10 days, but it was one for the books.  

I will be spending the next 72 hours attempting to do 10 loads of laundry, plan a Primary lesson, pack for California, get neighbor gifts out, attend parties and plan out Christmas shopping.  Here's to the holidays!

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  1. Lindsey!! I didn't know you had a blog:) I love seeing how big your girls are getting..and it was just yesterday I was waxing your brows and found out you were pregnant:)