Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Happy Heart

There is nothing quite like the spirit of giving at Christmas time.  Growing up there were always opportunities through school and church to serve, and when Matthew played basketball at BYU we loved taking part in the Children with Cancer Foundation’s Christmas activities.  Life has gotten crazy the past few years between kids and finals and holiday prep.  We have missed having those opportunities at our fingertips, so we were excited when one of Matthew’s professors assigned a service project as part of a final; it got the ball rolling for us!  

 We had talked about Gracie Belle being old enough this year to understand service and charity and planned a way for her to join in.  We called around and found the Provo Women’s shelter and decided on some things we could get together to drop off.

Gracie was far more understanding than we could have hoped.  She loved picking out items for a little girl and asked throughout the night if I knew the name of the girl the items were going to.  When we finished putting everything in the bag she squealed and said, “she’s just going to love it, Mom!”

The most touching moment was watching her pick some of her own toys to donate.  It is a tricky thing in today’s world to teach the importance of keeping material things in perspective.  I feel so blessed and fortunate in our lives, and sometimes I forget how much her sweet little spirit can soak up and comprehend.  We talked for just a minute before she went to bed and I loved hearing that it made her heart happy.

We can’t wait for all the fun that comes with our holiday traditions.  I already feel that our Christmas is more complete after having this opportunity as a family.


  1. so sweet! I love that you are teaching your girls the right thing to do! Love LOVE the jammies!

  2. I was wondering where you got your jammies???

    1. All of our jammies are from can't beat them!:)