Thursday, November 8, 2012

Weekend Crashers

Matthew and I have been away once together since having Gracie.  When she was 14 months old we decided we'd take a weekend trip up to Park City to celebrate our birthdays...until Gracie came down with the flu two hours prior to us leaving.  After Gracie started feeling better, we tried to salvage one night of our weekend, but by that point both Matthew and I were coming down with it.

Fast forward two this point we have, only separately, left the girls for overnight trips.  We figured we'd try for a Park City birthday celebration again (we love having our birthdays days apart).  We left the girls happy and healthy Friday evening with Matthew's sister and headed up for dinner.  At midnight Matthew started throwing up...we text his sister to give her a heads up, and sure enough we awoke early Saturday morning to a text that Gracie was also sick.

We drove down to relieve Matthew's sister (who at this point had been up all night and wasn't feeling good) and check on the girls.  We figured we already had the hotel paid for, we'd take them back up to Park City and play it by ear.  We napped by the fire, watched a movie and by evening Gracie and Matthew felt up for dinner, and even a quick dip in the spa.  The girls were pretty into the hotel (although Maddie spent the first hour looking for my parents- she was just sure Grammie was there too) and thought the spa on the balcony was the coolest thing ever- and now our balcony at home, which used to be cool, "really needs a hot tub on it." 

By 3am all of us were cozy in one hotel bed.  Gracie woke up Sunday morning and seemed good as new.  We figured we'd try again and dropped the girls off at home with another one of Matthew's sisters (thank heavens he has six) and headed up to Salt Lake for Brunch.  By late afternoon neither of us were feeling good and we opted out of our activities and headed to the hotel.  At 5am we got another text that Gracie was sick again.  We rolled out of bed packed our bags and said goodbye to our weekend getaway...we're thinking Park City may be cursed, next time we plan a weekend we'll try somewhere new:)

Our non-sick moments were nice and relaxing, and even though we drove from our house to Park City and back and forth I enjoyed our time in the car just talking...and laughing about our awful luck that the only time Gracie has had the flu is when we leave her for the weekend (kind of suspicious, if you ask me).  I was secretly happy the girls were able to come up to the hotel and play, everything is a little more exciting when you experience it with them.  And while it wasn't exactly the weekend we had planned it ended up being one for the books...who needs alone time anyway?

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  1. This is so cute! Y'all are such a precious family!!
    Where did you get that precious leopard and orange bag? It's so cute! Your girls are just adorable! :)