Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Halloween night was a success!  Gracie got the hang of trick or treating and was in heaven.  We loved watching her march up to the door, set her bucket down and reach up to ring the doorbell.  She had the "trick or treat" and following "thank you's" down, she was a natural.  Maddie on the other wasn't quite as easy.  She didn't like her pig ears and the pig noses, along with Matthew's costume, made her a little nervous.  She played sweet and cute when a door was opened and even said "trick or treat"...but the second they would hand her candy, she'd get a little intense and scream "open it!" in a slightly threatening way...i'm sure she made more than one person uncomfortable.  After Maddie's non-understanding of keeping candy in her bucket for later eating, we ended our knocking and left for a family party.  Gracie played with cousins and Maddie's Aunt's gave her donuts and treats.

We had holiday hangover this morning, we were not quite ready for Halloween to be over.  Gracie didn't understand why she couldn't wear a costume to school today (according to Gracie, her teacher said she could wear a princess dress to school everyday).  We are mean parents and hide (or toss) the candy by the next morning (you should see our girls on a sugar high), I thought for sure Gracie would ask for it today, but she was only interested in her glowstick glasses.

Two piggies and one "Big Bad Wolf who is nice and cuddly" according to Gracie.
Maddie took some time warming up to him.

Little piggy buddies...who are really princess piggies,
because normal piggies are just boring.

Only smiling when eating "choc-o-late"

We'll now start the hunt for next year's costumes, I'm loving that we'll have two girls old enough to get the whole dressing up thing and can't wait to get them excited in the months before.  I'm taking a deep breath this weekend and then jumping straight into Thanksgiving on Monday! 

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