Friday, November 9, 2012

Life With Gracie

Every night as Matthew and I get into bed our conversation steers towards what little things the girls did that day.  I love watching them change and grow from day to day, but sometimes I just want to freeze them and remember their little personalities exactly how they are.  Our Gracie Belle is truly one of a kind…that girl has a wild love for life!  She is known for her stellar imagination (she has had the same imaginary friend, Francie the Fly, for 5 months now), her clever wit and her tendency to tease.  Gracie is never one to turn down a game of hide-and-seek or an opportunity to climb anything.  We have been so proud as we’ve watched her step into her role as protective sister and love how she embraces Maddie.  Here are a few things about Gracie that I want to remember forever.

Gracie was horrified when Maddie bit her on the arm yesterday.  She told me to tell Maddie that she was, “never, ever, EVER allowed to bite me again, please protect me from the crazy child.”  I laughed remembering less than two months ago when we saw a bite mark on Maddie’s arm… when we asked Gracie about the mark, she calmly responded, “oh, I didn’t bite her, that’s just her beauty mark.”

 Gracie has developed a love for clothes…we often mix and match and negotiate and compromise from the moment she wakes up.  After the last year of her preferring to wear no clothes at all, I generally don’t mind the extra 15 minutes it takes to get her dressed, complete with trying on no less than two pairs of shoes to see which one she can run the fastest in (this adds an additional 5 minutes). 

Her most recent discovery is helping.  She loves helping in the kitchen by stirring every dish and clearing the plates when we’re done.  She’s quick to point out when something is a mess (usually my closet) and likes to gather up shoes and dirty clothes.    As soon as the task is accomplished she’ll come back and say, “you love it when I help you, huh?”  I see her wanting to please those around her more and more.

She is diligently learning all her letters in school and likes to practice whenever she gets a chance…some are “a little bit tricky” and she gets discouraged when she can’t do it right.  I’ve been meaning to ask her teacher if she yells out, “I DID IT!” in class like she does at home.

She loves taking a microphone in the car; she offers songs, a play by play of what’s going on out her window, or turn-by-turn navigation (it’s always across the crocodile river and through the haunted forest).

We will all point to Gracie when Maddie asks us why in heaven’s name her nickname is Moo.  Gracie refers to her as Moo, Moo Moo Baby, or my littlest Moo.  I love hearing her call out, “come on, Moo, let’s go!” and watching Moo mimic every move Gracie makes.

I “frust-er-ate” her, but I’m thankful she reserves her “you really hurt my feelings” guilt trip for Matthew.  She’s asked me more than once to apologize to her after she has gotten in trouble.  Her favorite adjectives are silly, hilarious and perfect.  If she really likes you, she’ll call you “darling” while playing.  Her way of saying yes is usually, “yeah, I probably think so.”

There are few things better than seeing Gracie smile, we feel so blessed that she is ours!