Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Name and a Blessing

Sunday was spent celebrating Baby Oliver and his blessing day.  All 19 of us, plus Ryan's family, were there for this sweet boy as Ryan gave him a name and a blessing.  Ryan did a great job, it was perfect and fitting blessing for our sweet boy.  We love Oliver and feel so blessed he is a part of our family!

 Early morning preparations included Matthew and Jon painting the girls nails so they matched their dresses.  Jon has had quite a few more years experience painting nails and gave Matthew some tips.  Gracie loves getting her nails painted and is even willing to sit still for 15 minutes admiring them while they dry.

My parents backyard couldn't be more perfect for gatherings, Whitney and my Mom (with a little help from everyone) did a great job with food and decorating, it looked beautiful!

 Our attempt to do a grandchild picture didn't turn out quite as expected.  Some were ready for naps, some were hungry and some just didn't want to cooperate.  The better picture would have been of all the parents trying to get kids attention and maybe even a smile.  Maddie proved she'd do anything for a little treat- she smiled through the majority of pictures after my Mom let her hold a piece of chocolate.  My parents have embraced chaotic grandchildren pictures and have even sent them out as Christmas cards.

 Grammie and her boys.

 Our one family picture with everyone looking turned out a little blurry, but after the grandchildren picture fiasco I'll take it.

Oliver has been blessed with parents who absolutely adore him.  It has been such a joy to watch them become parents!

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