Sunday, October 28, 2012

Partying, Racing and Recovering

Friday night we took the girls out for some Halloween practice.  A school carnival and my sister’s church party were great places to perfect “trick or treat”, “thank you for the candy” and for Maddie, “more please!” (said more in a yelling, threatening way).  We let them pick out whatever they wanted to wear...we were totally not shocked to see Maddie in her Minnie dress and Gracie in a princess dress (we compromised and she got to wear the princess high heels but left the purse packed with accessories in the car). 

At 8pm Friday night Matthew decided he’d go and register for the Provo Halloween half marathon taking place early Saturday morning.  He started training a couple weeks ago in preparation for the St. George marathon a year from now.  Matthew has been known to be extremely competitive and maybe a little athletically gifted (he still holds the BYU basketball team’s record for the fastest mile), but I am still shocked at his willpower and determination.  He managed to finish in 7th place (of more than 2,500) and 1st in his age group.  While he was happy with his performance he said there was room for some improvement (“I really should have been able to pass the guy ahead of me, I should have pushed myself harder at the end”), the girls and I, however, were totally impressed!  I’m envisioning a few more races in our future as my former athlete comes out of retirement (and also that I’m going to have to start training for one to show the girls that what Daddy Bear can do, Mom can do too...just maybe not as fast:)

Matthew and his brother Ed ran together.

Maddie and her buddy cheering on their Dads.

We had a blast Saturday night at a big group date night in Sundance.  There was dinner, a ping pong tournament and a crazy scavenger hunt.  After a week of Halloween festivities for the girls, we loved having an adult night and enjoyed relaxing and hanging out.

After a long week (I don't know he was so tired:), these two snuggled up on the couch for a little Sunday nap...although, I more call it "recharging" because their energy after napping is unrivaled.

We can't wait for costumes, trick-or-treating and pumpkins this week, there is nothing like the Fall!

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