Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Daddy Bear

This guy has all three of our hearts.
To know Matthew is to know his love for ice cream, and he has passed that love on to his little girls.
 We couldn't think of a more perfect way to celebrate his birthday morning than a
bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream in bed.

What does Gracie love about Matthew?
"I love when Daddy Bear is the horse and is crazy and we ride on his back.  He is hilarious.  
And he is strong, probably.  He takes my slivers out and he loves ice cream.  
He chases me REALLY fast.  I love him to the moon and the stars."

Gracie helped Maddie tell me what she loves about Daddy Bear...
"Moo loves when Daddy sings to her in bed, and when he reads us PINKALICIOUS (Maddie screamed Pinkalicious too).  And when he tickles us (more screaming about tickling).  And Moo really loves cereal and Daddy Bear always shares.  Maddie loves him this much
(held her hands out to show A LOT)."

And as for me?  I love Matthew for a hundred different reasons and for exactly who he is.  He is good and kind and the hardest worker I know.  Loyal above all and he loves his little girls like nothing else.  He is wild and fun and peaceful all at the same time.  I count myself as the luckiest of girls.
Happy Birthday, Matthew!

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