Sunday, September 30, 2012

Shakin' It

We had planned for a quiet Friday night at home.  
But the girls got antsy and wild and Matthew needed a treat.
The only solution was a carousel ride and the Waffle Truck.
Sometimes Mom just knows how to please everyone.
And the women's bluegrass band we happened  upon was just the icing on the cake.

 The carousel has to be our first stop...every time.
We don't even try to talk them into waiting.

There's a new rule in our house- the girls only hold hands with each other,
we are NOT allowed to hold their hands.  Either they're already embarrassed of us, 
or they've figured out they have a better chance of finding mischief if we're not attached to them.

World's cutest waffle truck.

 I had Gracie convinced the strawberries painted on the truck smelled like real strawberries.

 I've waited all summer for this!

 Poor Maddie couldn't get Matthew to share.

The bluegrass band was a hit and they loved dancing...
well their dancing is mostly just running with a few arm movements.

 As Gracie would say "look Mom, I'm just shaking what you gave me!" 

 Maddie trying out some new break dancing moves...we were impressed.

 Nothing like a little slow dance under the lights.

 They had to literally be dragged off the dance floor and taken home to bed.
They might be wild but they know how to have fun!

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  1. so so cute! love your outfit, and the girlies look darling. oh, and matthew looks ok. ;)