Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This is Gracie running away...forever.  Or at least until she hit the fence and collapsed into a heap, totally and utterly distraught and inconsolable.  We did the unthinkable- returned Buzz, the dog we have been puppy sitting.  

It took Matthew a good 15 minutes to negotiate (because I'm pretty sure they've been teaching Gracie how to do that in preschool) with her to get back in the car.  I usually don't let him do the negotiating, Gracie pretty much dominates him, and it's exhausting.  It was kind of nice to sit in the car watching him chase her all over the field shouting promises to her as she screamed "Buzz! Buzz! You hurt my feelings Daddy!" loud enough for the entire block to hear...and yes, I just crouched down when anyone drove by or peeked out their window...I do plenty of negotiating, I didn't feel that bad skipping out on this one.  Plus, someone had to sit in the car with Maddie while she yelled "Diet Coke!" in an attempt to get me to share my drink (thanking my lucky stars she hasn't picked up negotiating from the pro yet).

Prior to us completely ruining Gracie's life, it has been a heavenly 10 days with a live-in playmate that plays, barks and cuddles.  For me that has meant 10 days of chasing Buzz through the neighborhood early in the morning in my pajamas, shushing him during naps, and herding him in and out of the car, because heaven forbid Buzz stay home while we run errands.  Truth be told, when the girls are in bed and all is quiet, I love Buzz, I let him lay on the couch with me and prefer he sleep on the bottom of our bed, I don't mind at all.  But during the day Buzz is one more mischievous little body running through our house, and funny enough, it seems all the little mishaps the 3 of them got into were Buzz's idea.  Take, for example, poor Maddie baby being locked in Buzz's cage.  "Buzz said he wanted Maddie to keep his bed cozy warm and we'll let her out in just a minute".  The Oreo cookies being opened and eaten in the pantry?  "Oh, Buzzy was just a little hungry".  The roll after roll of toilet paper all over the floor?  "Buzz puppy loves to play with that".  Buzz likes dumping out toy baskets all over the floor, hiding in closets from me while I'm yelling for them and being especially wild at bedtime- all according to Gracie and her sidekick Maddie, who seems to agree with just about anything Gracie conjures up.

When I'm being perfectly honest, and not picking up the dog food that has been scattered all over the floor by Maddie 7 times a day, I will admit that our girls have absolutely loved having a dog- even if it was only temporary.  I was shocked at how much time was spent cuddling and petting him.  Maddie called for him from her crib in the morning and Gracie rushed in the door from school to hold him.  He sat on their laps in the car (I do have to reach back and pick him up to alternate laps- not the easiest task) and chased them around the neighborhood.  He let Maddie pretend (and real) feed him bottles and Gracie loved putting her hair-bows on him.  They didn't tire of him and he didn't seem bothered by their constant harassment.  I'd have to say, if there were ever two little girls who were meant to have a dog, I think it'd be Grace and Maddie.  

The next few weeks will be filled with the pros and cons of getting them a puppy.  We will go back and forth on breeds and training and if the girls are ready for the responsibility of a dog.  In my weak moments of caving I imagine a dog who will watch and protect the girls and alert me when they are being naughty, like Hannah, the Darling's dog in Peter Pan...I could really use an ally like that in our house.  I know the reality of it would be much different, but it's been less than a day since we dropped him off and I'm already missing the sounds of giggling and running around the kitchen and hearing the girls call after him when they're going upstairs.  So for now we will tell the girls we will think about it, and maybe, just maybe the next time I'm in charge of negotiating I'll give in.

Some of our favorite Buzz moments.

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