Thursday, September 6, 2012

Preparing for Hibernation

It dawned on us a couple days ago that our perfect Utah summer nights are dwindling.  I’m already anxious thinking about not having that “everyone outside” option at my fingertips.  So we decided we’ll do as many outdoor things as possible for the next month…kind of like how animals store up on food and then hibernate through the winter- if we exhaust them outdoors for the next month our endlessly energetic girls will be perfectly content indoors through the cold months.  And for some reason that idea eases our fear of the looming winter. 

Tonight Matthew planned for us to meet him for a picnic in the park after school.  I asked the girls what we should take to eat.  Maddie yelled “hot dog” and Gracie requested grapes and ranch dip (I didn’t even ask for fear that she’d tell me she dips grapes in ranch while I’m not watching).  I packed a basket while Gracie opened an entire box of bandaids and used them like stickers and Maddie chased the poor dog we’re puppy sitting.  Getting the girls to finish their dinner is amazingly simple when they’re sitting next to a playground- eat your dinner and you can go play only needs to be said once.  I take the girls to the park quite a bit and they have tons of fun…but when Daddy Bear comes along it becomes an adventure.  There is an infinite amount of fun to be had; although I’m 90% sure the other parents frown on him climbing on top of the jungle gym to show the girls (and maybe the other kids) just how amazing he is.  There is nothing better than hearing their squeals as he chases them around and down the slides.  There is a constant “Daddy watch me!” and “look Daddy!” shouted as they explore every part.  It is so clear to me, as I sit back and watch the three of them play, where our girls got their energy, their braveness and their love of being kids.  And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Showing me Francie, her imaginary fly, on her shoulder.

Maddie's turn to be the monster!

So here is to our last few Utah summer nights.  And knowing that when the winter hits we are just a short plane ride away from Grammie and Poppa and warm year-round California…because really, who am I kidding, these girls (and Matthew) will never last a winter indoors.

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