Friday, September 14, 2012

Back in Gracie's Good Graces

After the debacle with Buzz Matthew and I have been working hard to get back in Gracie’s good graces.  We made definite progress when we took the girls (and their little horses) up to Sundance to throw rocks in the creek.  The girls were thrilled with finally having a reason to wear their new red rainboots (we’ve been patiently waiting for rain, but they have yet only been able to march around in the garage in them…and then refuse to take them off…ever).  The girls could throw rocks and splash forever, it’s funny how something so simple gives them so much joy.  We considered it a success that we only mildly disrupted the party going on at the lodge and that only the bottoms of their dresses got wet.  We topped it off with their favorite suckers and by bedtime we were parental hits again.

*Excuse the picture overload, we took a photography class this summer and are enjoying practicing:)

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