Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Little Handfuls

It’s not always easy talking Matthew and the girls into going shopping, but all I had to do was mention the fountains they could run in and they were suddenly all interested in going.  Doing any sort of shopping with my girls is not ideal.  They can handle it for a little bit, but after an hour or so clothing racks become jungle gyms that need to be conquered and all those pairs of high heels are begging to be put on.  If they even see a purse section they have to pick one out and the makeup counters are filled with lip-glosses that can’t be passed by.  And all the nice sales people?  Our girls are pretty sure they’re there to chat and tell them they are darling (while in my head I’m calling those same darling little girls little devils).  They enjoy their version of shopping, but I don't see it as being totally productive.  I have become quite efficient at get in, get out and on to play time…Matthew whole heartedly agrees with this theory. 

I love when Matthew is able to go out with us.  He has never been, nor do I imagine he ever will be, a sit back and watch kind of parent.  He gets right in with them, causing just as much mayhem and having just as much fun.  The three of them thoroughly enjoyed the fountains.  They tried to run through without getting hit then chased each other around until the girls were soaking wet.  They ran off to the next fountain while I gathered up our stroller.  I wandered over and stood back watching as the girls held their coins and closed their eyes to make wishes before throwing them in.  It was such a sweet moment.  And then I watched Matthew reach into the fountain and grab out a handful of pennies for them to throw back in…I just shook my head and prayed we weren’t going to be kicked out, just as I’m sure there is now some karma curse placed on us for stealing other kids wishes out of the fountain.

There is no doubt that my girls can occasionally (or all the time) be little handfuls…this includes Matthew too.  But as I finish writing I will go in and check on each of them sleeping.  For a moment I’ll forget about seeing Gracie jump off her changing table tonight.  I won’t think about Maddie coloring with marker all over the couch that was just cleaned or Matthew deciding that he should sell his car and buy a motorcycle.  I’ll enjoy my few moments of seeing them peaceful and calm and I will feel so blessed and so loved.  I’ll remind myself of that feeling tomorrow as I explain to Gracie that she will break her leg if she jumps again.  I’ll think of it as I teach Maddie that we only color on paper and as I expressly forbid Matthew from ever getting on a motorcycle.  For as much as they are exhausting they are every bit as entertaining and lovable, and I couldn’t imagine them any other way.

Brought clothes to change into after the fountains and she managed to get those wet too!

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