Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gourmet Chefs

I believe Matthew’s exact quote was, “I’ve decided to take up cooking, since no one else in this house is interested in it”…I’ll admit it, it’s just not one of those natural talents I possess.  He comes from a family of impressive bakers, cooks and gourmet chefs, so I figure it’s kind of in his blood.  I have some in my family too, but I think it skipped over me.  He picked out a dinner, found the recipes and even did all the grocery shopping.  I did not complain.  The girls were thrilled when he picked them to be his special helpers.  I kind of felt like the last kid standing when they’re picking teams…and then I was delegated clean up.  Matthew made a balsamic marinated London broil, unstuffed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and homemade balsamic dressing for a salad.  It was home made perfection and I happily relinquished all cooking responsibilities to him…he accepted, but only twice a week.

 Gracie loves anything she can dress up for.  She got aprons out for everyone.

Finding ingredients, they'd both climb in if they could.
 Chef Maddie and Teddy, the bear she has become completely attached to.  
She took a break from cooking to comb his hair.

 Smelling the rosemary...Matthew did a great job teaching her about each part of the meal.

 Rinsing, mixing, tasting...these girls loved it!

He even looks the part!

Matthew said I must have enjoyed relaxing and watching...
but contrary to what this picture looks like I did help out.

Banished from the kitchen for sneaking Otter Pops...
Gracie said that pretend cooking was a lot faster and she was too hungry to wait.

We had to set a plate out for Gracie's "pets"...throughout dinner she leaned over to help them eat.  
The lion loved the potatoes.

Matthew even took care of dessert.  Individual ice creams, the girls were thrilled.

 Happily taking over dish duty after our incredible dinner!

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  1. Preston and I were just looking at this post and Preston said,"Matthew totally looks like Jesus." :)