Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Carnival Fun

Nothing like an elementary school carnival to welcome fall into our lives!  Emma and Sophie’s school had their annual carnival and we couldn’t miss it…plus, Gracie’s “best buddy” Owen was going, making it even better.  

We had a blast playing on the huge blow up slides…well, correction, Gracie loved it and braved the gang of boys to slide down (she dominated, she may or may not have pushed a little boy down) and Maddie cried in the corner (I’m happy just seeing her occasionally act like a baby instead of a toddler).  We hit up the bake sale where Matthew only bought two cupcakes for him and the girls to share.  Gracie ran off with one and Maddie yelled until he just gave the whole cupcake to her…you’d think he’d know by now our girls don’t do shared treats.  Maddie has decided she no longer needs adult supervision and runs like a wild child at every chance...I'm resigning myself to another year of only wearing flats.  We couldn’t leave without balloon hats or the standard-at-every-carnival fishing game.  

The real icing on the cake, the best of the best, was the pony rides.  I know we probably should have just steered the girls past it, but I couldn’t resist.  It was pure joy; Gracie’s horse even had a dyed purple mane.  I had to literally peel Maddie’s hands off the saddle at the end of the ride.  Gracie Belle immediately ran to ask Daddy Bear if he could buy her a pony (he promptly said yes, but we needed to find somewhere for it to live, leaving me to really say no).  As the carnival was winding down they brought the trailer in to load up the ponies.  Gracie ran to the trailer, climbed up and put her hand right in to pet them…no second thought to them being, you know, animals with teeth…who can bite.  We gathered quite a crowd as they pulled the trailer away and Gracie cried, “NO!!! Ponies, please NO!!!” making us feel like we’re going to give her some sort of complex with all the animal loving followed by taking the animals away.  

Luckily, once she calmed down she told us she could use her pretend pony until we found a place for her real pony to sleep. All in all it was a perfect fall night, there really is nothing like a carnival!   

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