Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Buddies

These girls of ours really are best buddies.  On days that Gracie is at school, there is nothing better than hearing Maddie call out, "Gracie, where are you?" over and over all throughout the house.  There is such utter disappointment when she realizes Gracie isn't home.  As I was dropping Gracie off at school this week she stopped before she got out of the car and said, "Mom, don't forget to play with Moo while I'm gone, okay?" (Moo is shortened from our very affectionate nickname Maddie Moo, it is bound to be the worst nickname of all time, but Gracie ran with it and I fear it is permanently stuck) as if I just leave poor Maddie in the corner while she plays at school.  There are not many places they want to go without the other, because really, everything is just more fun when you have your buddy right next to you!

There are a many great things about them being such great friends.  As Gracie has gotten older she has begun to watch out for Maddie, often yelling "emergency!" or "catastrophe" when Maddie has gotten herself in a sticky situation...which usually happens when Maddie is following Gracie's lead and climbing up on something.  Gracie still feels like Maddie is a baby, reminding me when Maddie gets into trouble that "she is just a little girl, Mom, it's okay".  Gracie reads to Maddie (her favorite) and Maddie doesn't mind when she has to be the finder in every single game of hide and seek.  My favorite is when we ask Maddie for some sugar (kisses in our house) and she doesn't want to give us one, Gracie will run over and tell us that she can give us a sugar for Moo because "it's a little tricky for her sometimes", she's always right there to take care of things for her.  We have countless pictures of them holding hands or with Gracie's arm around her back (their favorite conspiring pose), it is such a sweet, joyful relationship to watch.

With just 19 months between them they are bound to have their struggles with sharing and moments of jealousy, but it makes it easier when the best threat I can give is sending them to different rooms, not allowing them to play together.  For as much as I love it, there is a slight disadvantage to this friendship- the two of them can find mischief faster than anything.  They can get each other wound up in a matter of seconds and they give one another the confidence to do things they wouldn't do on their own.  Maddie is my runner, where Gracie doesn't like to wander too far from me,.  When Maddie takes off Gracie follows knowing she is with someone...and they can both run really fast.  Gracie is my climber, she constantly has to be perched up high on something, Maddie would never climb alone, but with Gracie right there to give her a boost she feels brave enough to do it.  They're pretty sure when Matthew is at school that it's two against one and the odds are in their favor...and sometimes they just win. We had one of those days this week...Matthew got home from school I told him that the kitchen was out of service due to two wild animals...his solution was 5 buck pizza and a trip to the park (and a Diet Coke from Crest, it had been a really long day).  It's things like that that make me really love him...and his ability to not ask questions and grab the vacuum when he finds an entire jumbo box of goldfish crackers spread from the pantry to the family room crunched into a million little pieces (it's amazing how quickly one of those can be dumped out).

 Maddie has started giving the best fake cheese smile ever when we take pictures of her.
We tell her to do it at least 45 times a day.
Gracie loved yelling, "hi football players!" at the little team practicing at the park.
She didn't understand why they weren't talking to her.
I was shocked and how awful they smelled, even with 40 feet between us...
I'm not sure I'm cut out to be the Mom of little boy athletes.

Somewhere behind me little girls are desperately searching for hiding spots...
you'd never guess they hid behind the tree:)  

We could chase these girls at the park for hours and they'd still be sad when we left.  
We love our girls and feel so blessed that they're ours, they are two of a kind. 


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  2. I love the way you dress your little girls. The pattern and colour is beautiful. Would you be able to tell me where you shop for them?

    1. thank you so much, dee! if you check out my most recent post, i added quite a few links to some of their outfits. let me know if you were hoping for something more specific! thanks again:)